Adult Mondegreene (age 48)
Cloud Aitch and some Lightning Breathers
Lightning Breathers (detail)
an Amethyst Pigeon
Aierto the Bucket Spirit
Various bucket spirits
The Bureau of Justic
Cloudsinger battles the Rubber Guard
Rubber Guardsman
Dominion Chamber
Duchess de Beauvoir
Duke Derrida (aka Stuart Kendall)
Relative of the Root Babies
Old Sparrows
Nest Burglars
Primeminister of Hate Jazz and Dr. Dagger Dick
Vanessa I, Queen of the Vast Nonsense and her daughter Anais, the first of her name.
A sussurus figurehead (and Asta)
Superior Junior, jester (former) of the Queen of the Vast Nonsense
The tar-arms holding sacred, stolen tomes
Members of the Trilobite Guard
(Also) members of the Trilobite Guard
Young Mondegreen (age 10)
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